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Two October’s ago, E and I went to the Pumpkin Patch at Belvedere Plantation with the hopes of making it a tradition. Apparently it’s a once-every-other-year tradition, because we straight up skipped 2010 in favor of this freaky haunted forest, but managed to make it back to the patch this year with the boys.

Belvedere happens to be the same place E’s parents took him to as a kid, so it means a lot to him and I’m happy anywhere I can get funnel cakes and apple cider (I had my first ever cider slushie! It tasted like an apple was rolled in snow and smashed through a cheese grater before landing in my mouth. Sounds weird, but YUM).

We drove down two weeks before Halloween this year toting the boys in our mean, growling, off-road capable, super heavy duty double stroller. It weighs about a thousand pounds but, like a trained elephant on a balance ball, rolls fast and smooth on grass and gravel to massive applause from us.

First we had pulled pork sandwiches, then watched the pig races (some irony there), and finally strapped on the Bjorn’s and went out to the pumpkin patch.





















If you don’t have kids, or only had one at a time, I’d like to share a little peek into the life of having multiples. There are two of us and two of them… So when you go to a pumpkin patch without any other friends or family, you quickly realize that your pumpkin carrying abilities are quite limited. We could only carry ones with stems and they certainly couldn’t be big, because hell, we were already each carrying an extra 15lbs strapped to our chest!

Still, E and I went tromping through the patch, running this way and that over to orange globs that looked perfect until you got close and saw they were in fact just globs… rotting pumpkin globs. As always, E was picky about finding perfectly shaped pumpkins and I wanted to rescue all the wounded ones so they could fulfill their destiny (Friends anyone?). We ended up with four from the patch and then picked up apple butter and peach jam from their store. More YUM.

In the wheelbarrow :)







As art school graduates, we got a little over excited about carving (Erich got so into it, he bought 3 more pumpkins from the nursery around the corner the next day).







I should note that you can absolutely tell what kind of people we are by the pumpkins we carved. A little funky, a little classic and Mac lovers. Steve Jobs, you are missed in this household.







And then came Halloween. The boys’ first ever and we didn’t buy them costumes. Bad, bad parents! However, E’s mom bought them super scary (ahem, super cute) onesies, which they proudly wore and drooled on all day. Did I mention they’re teething? Joy.













AND we FINALLY got a family photo, albeit blurry and grainy. Props to the tripod (punnn!) and Canon self-timer for this gem:

Can’t wait until next Halloween when they boys are sweetly drawing faces on the pumpkins and sitting still for pictures in their cute costumes :) I just jinxed myself, didn’t I? More likely they’re going to be running around hyper excited and throwing pumpkin guts everywhere. Woo to the Hoo!


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