And so it begins… finally!

I have been trying to get this blog going since February 1st, 2011.

Why then? It was 3 days after we moved into our current place, 18 days before my husband E and I got married and 108 days before our twin boys, Oliver and Eli, spontaneously showed up. Yes, I’m running TEN MONTHS  a tad bit late; bear with me while I intersperse chunky posts catching up on all major (who am I kidding, minor too) happenings of this year.

In our tiny house of 6 (myself, husband, boys, dog, cat and kitchen sink… wait…) there’s hardly a dull moment. For example: in the past 3 1/2 years we met, fell in love, graduated art school, moved house, moved to VA, got jobs, changed jobs, moved again, got engaged, got pregnant, moved again, got married, had twins and SOMEONE changed jobs AGAIN. What can I say? We’re fickle, busy folk.

Anyway, this blog will generally serve as a record of the random things we love, do and create. Other than that wealth of happy chaos, it’ll just be life in general and things that make me go


So pull up a piece of bandwidth and don’t put your face through the screen trying to kiss my boys’ adorable cheeks. Mmm k? Excellent.

Penny for your thoughts?