Apples galore

The boys were with E on Saturday and part of Sunday, but he didn’t stay for the long weekend, so we had an extra day to go on a little adventure in the hills. It’s definitely hit Fall around here, and the drive up to Delaplane is creeping up to the rolling hills of the […]



Impromptu visit to the splash pad in Georgetown. Oliver loved it for about 10 minutes. Eli wouldn’t have left if we didn’t have to get home for dinner.


Round and round we go

Took the boys to a pop-up carnival this weekend. They are now tall enough to actually ride the rides. Their favorites? Anything that spun…


Three years old

The boys turned three years old the past week. It’s amazing how quickly we reached this milestone and how much has happened in that time. Day-to-day I don’t notice them growing, but then suddenly I’ll look over and realize my babies are crawlers, then walkers, then talkers, toddlers and now so big. Oliver and Eli, […]


Mother’s Day 2014

Last year I took the boys to a Nats game for Mother’s Day. This year they weren’t playing at home this weekend (grumble grumble), and Homearama was going on in Richmond (one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, had a home in the show), so we took a road trip down there instead. After […]

TAC End and Beginning

End and Beginning

Last week was my third wedding anniversary. Tomorrow I will be divorced. Friday I will turn 27 years old. It’s a big week to round out a very big change in my life. At this point there’s so much to say, I’m not sure where to start. I suppose at the climax may be strange, […]

Hello Happy Face twin boys blog

A HUGE Thank You

I would like to start off today saying thank you to everyone who stops by and reads a post, or two, or just does a drive-by for the pictures. Why am I so thankful this close to, yet after, Thanksgiving? My blog stats tell me that in the month of September, I received 1,020 views, In […]

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Sunshine State

We had an amazing time in Florida over Thanksgiving week and it showed by the amount of photos I took. Literally had to weed through 864 pics to get a small enough group to post. And even then, well, I can’t help myself. Apologies in advance for splitting our trip into multiple posts and batch […]