Apples galore

Kai/ October 12, 2015

The boys were with E on Saturday and part of Sunday, but he didn’t stay for the long weekend, so

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Kai/ June 15, 2014

Impromptu visit to the splash pad in Georgetown. Oliver loved it for about 10 minutes. Eli wouldn’t have left if

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Round and round we go

Kai/ May 26, 2014

Took the boys to a pop-up carnival this weekend. They are now tall enough to actually ride the rides. Their

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Three years old

Kai/ May 24, 2014

The boys turned three years old the past week. It’s amazing how quickly we reached this milestone and how much

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Mother’s Day 2014

Kai/ May 11, 2014

Last year I took the boys to a Nats game for Mother’s Day. This year they weren’t playing at home

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End and Beginning

Kai/ February 24, 2014

Last week was my third wedding anniversary. Tomorrow I will be divorced. Friday I will turn 27 years old. It’s

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A HUGE Thank You

Kai/ December 4, 2012

I would like to start off today saying thank you to everyone who stops by and reads a post, or two,

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Sunshine State

Kai/ November 28, 2012

We had an amazing time in Florida over Thanksgiving week and it showed by the amount of photos I took.

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